David's Biography

A fascination with auctions that began in the late 1970s and an inspiration that tuition money could be earned through yard sales grew quickly into the establishment of David Wheatcroft Antiques in 1980.

After completing an MFA at the University of Iowa in 1979, David briefly taught art in Iowa City before moving back to his hometown of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in 1981.

In the early 1980s David traveled extensively in Amish communities and focused on Amish quilts. He collaborated with his wife Eve Wheatcroft Granick on the research for her book The Amish Quilt. During the years they lived in Pennsylvania David began to expand his knowledge to include the arts of the Pennsylvania Germans and a more general range of American decorative arts. In the early 1990s David and his family moved to Massachusetts where he has lived and worked for the past 20 years. Today David is known for both the consistent quality of the objects he buys and sells and his ability to combine the more formal aspects of his fine arts training with the knowledge he has gained through years of hands-on experience.

In addition to helping serious Folk Art Collectors in the development of their collections, he has acted as a consultant for a number of institutions including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Art in Boston, the American Folk Art Museum and the Swenkfelder Library in Pennsylvania. His opinions on the marketplace and the subject of American Folk Art are frequently sought by major publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Art & Auction, The Catalogue of Antiques and Fine Art and The Maine Antiques Digest. An article in the August 2006 issue of the New England Journal of Antiques entitled “Love and Need – What Makes Folk Art Great” offers an in depth view of David’s insight into the world of American Folk Art.


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