Charles E. Münch

Born in Mettenheim France to a French Hugeunot family,who fled France in the face of religious persecution. His familyfound refuge in Germany and Munch was educated at Heidelberg. As a young man, newly married he emigrated to America following the French invasion of Germany. Arriving at the Port of Philadelphia hebecame a school teacher first in Lebanon County, then in Berks County and finally at the Hoffman Church in Lykens Valley in 1804. The first fraktur work in his hand dates from 1799 and there are examples dating through 1831. Stylistically Munch favors a more Victorian and formal look. Bouquets, banners, swags, wreaths and realistically painted and shaded images demonstrate a tendancy toward a more detailed, complex and formal image than that found in most folk art fraktur work of the period.


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