Jacob Maentel

JACOB MAENTEL (1778-1863)

emigrated from Germany to America in 1805 and earned his living as a portrait painter first in Maryland and then in Lebanon, York and Dauphin Counties in Pennsylvania. In all, he painted more than two hundred portraits of friends and neighbors. His portraits are notable for the details of face, dress and background and he used several stylistic poses and settings. The portraits from about 1810 through 1820 are set in landscapes, standing in profile. He also depicted his patrons in interior scenes. Many of his works were done as double pages with portraits of family members facing each other. Well into his fifties, Maentel embarked on a trip with his family to relocate to Texas. An illness within the group disrupted the journey and they settled instead in New Harmony, Indiana, where he continued to paint portraits of his neighbors and community members until his death.


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