Johann Adam Eyer

JOHANN ADAM EYER (1755-1837)

was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. At the age of 24 he began a long career in teaching at German-speaking Lutheran and Mennonite one-room schools. Though he never married, Eyer was entrusted with the task of heading up his extended family. He became a successful businessman in buying and selling land and in 1802 founded Eyer’s Village, later named Bloomsburg. As was a common practice among Pennsylvania German schoolmasters, Eyer created many fraktur works for his students. He had a distinctive style but rarely produced the most common type of fraktur art, the baptismal certificate. Instead, he tended toward Vorschriften (penmanship examples), religious and moral verses, and music books. Typically found in Eyer’s work are hearts, tulips, twining ivy, facing pairs of birds, angels blowing trumpets and men in colonial dress, all in vibrant reds, blues and greens.


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