Book Reviews

Antiques and Fine Arts

Summer 2006
Review: “The Authentic Eye: Revisiting Folk Art Masterworks”

Over the past twenty-five years David Wheatcroft has placed some outstanding pieces of American folk art in private and public collections. Wheatcroft has now compiled this photographic essay of some of these exceptional objects. Since most of these items are in collections, this publication offers a chance to view such superb works as Portrait of a Doctor by Mr. G. Willson, circa 1820; an age when medical practitioners also functioned as druggists and surgeons, as the paraphernalia that surrounds the sitter reminds us. In his notes on each work at the end of the book, Wheatcroft points out the history behind each object and its context in American culture and decorative arts.

The Amish Quilt

Good Reads

This deluxe, authoritative work by a leading expert on Amish quilts has become a classic. The text is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject ever published. Topics include the origin and beliefs of the Amish, historical development of the Amish quilt, and choices of fabric in Old Order quilting. Throughout the book, color photos of the quilts burst from the pages. Truly beautiful!


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